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Why choose North Hyperbaric?

An essential service

Ian Boulanger and Simon Gauthier decided to create North Hyperbaric after coming to the conclusion that hyperbaric in Quebec wasn’t keeping up with the science, leaving families and athletes who could benefit from it out in the cold. In addition to selling and renting medical supplies, we have made it our mission to build awareness about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, within the general population as well as government.


We share our experience

Ian owns a hyperbaric chamber, which he uses daily along with his son who has cerebral palsy. He understands the various challenges associated with purchasing this type of equipment and wants to share his knowledge and experience with other families, patients, and athletes.


Making hyperbaric therapy accessible

We are the only representatives located on the Montreal island, and we offer home service throughout Quebec and Ontario. Our medium-term mandate is a social one: we want to make it possible for individuals to access hyperbaric therapy without having to break the bank.

Ian Boulanger

Offering support to families

“After my son Théo was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his physiatrist Dr Marois suggested we give hyperbaric therapy a try. From the very first treatment, we noticed significant progress in Théo’s development and decided to undertake the arduous process of purchasing our very own hyperbaric chamber. My main goal in cofounding atmo was to be able to help other parents going through similar situations.”

Hyperbaric therapy is the real deal

“There is nothing miraculous about hyperbaric. It is a growing field of science that is at once promising and inspiring. However, it is not a cure-all and at Noth Hyperbaric we will not give you any false hopes; we just want to provide all the facts so that you can make an informed decision.”

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Write, call or text if you’d like to try out a chamber, get more information on buying or renting, or to share your hyperbaric success story with us.

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