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phto yada 60.png

YADA 60 - Vertical Chamber

152 cm X 214 cm (60 in. X 84 in.)

5 Years Warranty

phto yada 42.png

YADA 42  - Horizontal Chamber

107 cm X 280 cm (42 in. X 110 in.)

5 Years Warranty

phto yada 52.png

YADA 60 mini - Vertical Chamber

152 cm X 182 cm (60 in. X 72 in.)

5 Years Warranty

phto yada 36-v2.png

YADA 40  - Horizontal Chamber

101 cm X 221 cm (40 in. X 87 in.)

5 Years Warranty

yada second hand.png

Certified Second Hand Chambers

Save big with a carrefuly inspected chamber that was rented a few times. 

phto yada 36-v2.png

YADA 32  - Horizontal Chamber

81 cm X 203 cm (32 in. X 80 in.)

5 Years Warranty

North Hyperbaric started when one of the founder’s son, Theo, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After noticing amazing results with hyperbaric therapy, we decided to get involved. Since then, we have seen how it has helped so many other families.

ian theo.png

Ian, North co-founder with his son Theo

Unique situations. Unique solutions.

We understand what’s at stake, and we’ll help you decide the chamber that’s right for you or your loved one.


At North Hyperbaric, we give you the straight facts on hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including what’s been demonstrated in the scientific literature and what remains to be proven.

Contact us for any questions about hyperbaric chambers.


North Hyperbaric offers you access to doctors, profesionnals and families using hyperbaric so everyone can share their knowledge. Yep, it's free!



Train like a pro.

Recover like a pro.

More and more professional athletes are using hyperbaric and oxygen therapy to recover after rigorous training.
At North, we’re working to make the benfits of hyperbaric accessible to athletes of all levels. Go atmo go!

Living with cerebral palsy.

North Hyperbaric cofounder Ian Boulanger discovered hyperbaric therapy through his young son, Théo, who was born with cerebral palsy. The use of hyperbaric chambers in the treatment of this condition is a growing field of medicine that has received much attention in recent years.

In one high-profile study, researchers from Sainte-Justine Hospital (Montreal, Canada) recruited 150 pediatric patients with cerebral palsy in Delhi to compare the use of hyperbaric therapy versus conventional rehabilitation treatments. Importantly, the study found that the children treated with hyperbaric chambers developed three times faster than those who who received conventional rehabilitation.

These promising results, combined with the medical advice of doctors and physiatrist, have inspired parents such as Ian to pursue hyperbaric therapy for their children.

Write, call or text if you’d like to try out a chamber, get more information on buying or renting, or to share your hyperbaric success story with us.

You’ve got questions?
We’ve got answers.

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